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XenoScreen YES YAS, XenoScreen XL YES YAS
Yeast Estrogen and Androgen Screen


  • Anja Fic, Bojana Zegura, Darja Gramec, Lucija Peterlin Mašic; Estrogenic and androgenic activities of TBBA and TBMEPH, metabolites of novel brominated flame retardants, and selected bisphenols, using the XenoScreen XL YES/YAS assay; Chemosphere 112 (2014) 362–369.
  • M. Kamber; Testing of estrogenic and androgenic reference compounds using 2 versions of the yeast-based YES and YAS assay. Poster presented at the 2014 Adebiotech colloquium "Perturbateurs Endocriniens : Enjeux industriels, de santé et d'environnement" in Romainville (Paris), France.
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